Be ready for the next chapter

Career planning and customized coaching.

As a high performer, your days are filled to the max with training, competitions, travel and press appointments. There is no time to even think about a plan B. However, your sports career will come to an end at some point. And sometimes even faster than you hoped for. In any case, it requires preparation to be ready for the next step. I will support you with this. I will prepare you specifically for the time after your athletic career.

Career planning

If you have no concrete idea of how to go on in your professional life, I will coach you in your professional reorientation:

  • Define new career and life goals
  • Support in choosing the right educational path and profession for you
  • Support with necessary administrative procedures
  • Development of action plans and support with implementation

Career management and personal development

If you already have specific goals for your career afterwards, I will coach you in achieving these goals:

  • Analysis of your strength and weaknesses
  • Competency analysis
  • Skill training, e.g. of communication and presentation skills
  • Development of action plans and support with implementation

Coaching throughout your application process

If you are actively looking for a job, I will coach you throughout the entire application process:

  • CV and application coaching
  • Development of a personal marketing strategy for your application process
  • Interview training