Mental Training and Coaching for professional athletes & coaches

Get ready for the time after your active career Рwith coaching and mental training by Judith Wälde

Football is your life. You have been playing for 20 years. You simply love this sport – and have turned your hobby into a profession. But it is also clear whether left or right foot – you will also need a second pillar at some point. Because even Oliver Kahn gave up his football shoes at 39.

You can swim since you can walk. Right now, you are on top of the game. But how long will you be able to compete at this level? What if you cannot make the next qualification? Do you have a plan B?

You have had a bad fall during the last race. It has been the third time this season. This time it was just a bruise. What if things don’t go so smoothly next time? Do you know about your options?

I will support you.

As an experienced coach, I will guide you with my expert knowledge in your career and life plan during and after your athletic career. Together we will prepare you with Mental Training and Coaching for your next chapter. If you want to get to know me better, please check out my profile.

My offer

Career planning and consulting:

If you have no concrete idea about next steps in your career, I will coach you in your professional reorientation.

Career management and personal development:

If you already have specific goals for your career afterwards, I will coach you in achieving these goals.

Application and resume coaching:

If you are actively looking for a job, I will coach you throughout your application process.

As a competitive athlete you know that optimal performance is not possible without mental strength. Therefore, we also use methods from mental training in our coaching.

Exactly the same, but different.

Find out what differentiates me from other providers.

  • My offer starts where others end. I want you to be successful even after your professional career ends.
  • With a degree in business, I know that everything has to pay off. Even Mental Training and Coaching.
  • Based on my own experience as a manager, I know what it takes to become successful in a business environment.
  • I am no longer a competitive athlete. Still, I know what it feels like to practice multiple times a day and feel constant pressure. So I can adjust my coaching accordingly.

Here's how my Mental Training and Coaching works!

As a coach and mental trainer, I support you in being able to call up your optimal performance outside of the sports field. The focus is on you and your needs.

Free preliminary consultation

We get to know each other to see if the chemistry is right. If you can imagine working with me, we’ll get started and make a plan of what you’d like to work on.

Coaching process

We will now work out your goals in a structured manner with the plan. Since you travel a lot, we can also work easily via Skype or by phone. You decide on the frequency and timing of the discussions.


The common plan has been worked through. In the final discussion, we discuss the entire process again and consider how you can continue without coaching. Nevertheless, even after the final interview, I am happy to provide short-term support.