Coaching process

The Coaching process

As a coach and mental trainer, I would like to give you the best possible support in your development. Therefore, the entire coaching process focuses on your needs.

Preliminary talk

If you feel like coaching could be a good option for you, we will first arrange a free preliminary interview to get to know each other (duration approx. 1 hour). You can call or e-mail me so we can set up the meeting. I work Germany-wide and will meet you wherever works best for you. This can be at home, at your training facility, in a neutral location, as well as by phone or via Skype.

We use the first meeting to see whether our chemistry is right and you can see yourself working with me. If you feel we could be a good match, we clarify possible goals for your coaching and discuss duration and general conditions. You determine which topics we work on and what you want to achieve. On the basis of our discussion, I will draw up a respective offer.

Coaching process

Now the actual work starts. We arrange regular sessions and work on your topics. The duration of a session is usually 60-90 minutes. The intervals between each sessions are determined by your needs and the topics of each session – this can vary within the process. If you need support between each session, you can always reach out.


At the end of the process there is a final discussion in which we reflect once again on the goals of the coaching and the level of achievement. We discuss the changes and progress in the course of the coaching and discuss how your next steps can look like.


Discretion and discretion are top priorities for me in our coaching. I treat all content from our conversations as strictly confidential. Under no circumstances will they be passed on to third parties, e.g. your trainer.